Post 10 comes to town!!!

Have I mentioned Post 10 here before? Hang on, let me go look…here’s some 70s-quiz show music while I look through the archives….

OK, it does not appear that I’ve mentioned Post 10 yet! Or if I have, I’ve just linked or embedded one of his videos…anyway Post 10 is a YouTuber from New England who has a lot of varying and somewhat obscure, offbeat interests. He’s very knowledgeable about municipal water systems and water flow management, and he likes to strike out “into the field” to find what he might, and even deal with issues as he finds them. This is the very first video of his I ever watched, in which he addresses an impressively-flooded roadway armed only with a rake. More recently he’s done a lot of investigating drainage culverts in wilderness areas, clearing out beaver dams and the like; one time he actually camped inside a drainage culvert for 36 hours straight, just to see if he could do it. He also goes exploring in interesting backwoods areas, and he’s just generally the type of person who points at things very few people think about and says, “Isn’t that interesting!”

In short, Post 10 is a delight and more people should watch him.

Well, apparently last week he decided that he just had to come to Western New York from his New England stomping grounds to see what an apparent seven feet of snow on the ground looked like, and here’s his resulting video as he drives around Buffalo and the Southtowns! It’s fun listening to his commentary as he drives many streets and roads that I know; in fact, at several points in this video he’s very close to my own house. If I’d known, I would have rolled out the red carpet, or put up a banner reading “THE 716 WELCOMES POST-10!!!” or some such thing. Or, I could have given him some pointers to go see some cool stuff…but in the video he alludes to coming back next time, and if there’s one thing I can promise, there will be a next time. Sometime.

Hopefully not for a while, but sometime.

It’s nice to hear some outside perspective on our lovely region…particularly when he’s driving through Buffalo proper and notes with approval the city’s snow-removal efforts. Now that‘s something you don’t hear often!


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