I’ve just spent some time pruning my blogroll. I’ve been overdue on this; it seems to me that over the last year or two, blogging has fallen out of favor as an online hobby in favor of Facebook and Twitter. Now, I like Facebook as much as anybody, and I use Twitter as well, albeit fairly infrequently (in fact, most of my Twitter updates are automated links back to this blog, whenever new posts appear). But even though my own blogging frequency has dropped a bit to where I only post three or four days a week instead of my once-daily pace, this is still my main means of online personal expression. So on it goes.

Still, I was somewhat surprised as I went through about half of my blogroll looking for inactive sites. Some are still within my own working definition of an “active” blog — they’ve posted at least once in the last month — but they’re only posting once every six weeks to two months. Some blogs I actually had forgotten about completely and hadn’t checked in a very long time; one, to my utter amazement, had apparently fallen silent more than three years ago. Ouch. Other blogs I remember reading faithfully way back when, and exchanging comments with those bloggers; others I can’t recall at all and I wonder when I added them in the first place. Oh well.

I also ditched a bunch of my political blogs as well, because there are relatively few of those that I read anymore, for various reasons. Mainly it’s because most of them say the same things in different ways, and I only have so much time to read the same thing said different ways.

I have found a bunch of new blogs recently, though, which will over time make their way onto the blogroll. Which is how it always worked, anyway!

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Just to mention; I'm still blogging…

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