Reading by Candlelight


Yesterday saw a big storm push through…well, lots of places. I have to be honest, I didn’t really pay a whole lot of attention to this one, beyond what its forecast effects in Western New York were going to be. In this case, the storm did something very strange: it hit WNY with very strong winds from the southeast. When we get high winds around here, it’s almost always west or northwest winds that pound us…or even southwest winds that come up the lake. This was different. I’m used to how things sound at work when there are high winds outside, but yesterday the place sounded very different. There were moans and creaks from parts of the building that I didn’t know could make those sounds.

And there were, of course, power outages galore, including one that affected Casa Jaquandor for about eight hours. I got home to a dark house and proceeded to light up more candles and settle in for a dark evening. This meant…holing up on the couch and reading. I actually got through two shorter books and started a third, and it was actually a peaceful night in a time that hasn’t had a lot of peaceful nights lately. Even the back-up sump pump kept up with what was feeding it.

The power went out at home around 1:30pm yesterday, and finally came back on about 9:30pm. Hardly disastrous, and honestly, not much of an inconvenience. We got lucky, though; some folks are still waiting for power to come back. A friend of mine just got power restored a few hours ago, after being without power for more than 22 hours. At one point, one of our local power companies announced a distribution of free packs of water and dry ice for keeping food cold.

And I noted, yet again, that despite what the movies show you, candles put out a lot less light than you expect.


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  1. Roger says:

    “Candles put out a lot less light than you expect.” And it’s more true the older you get.

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