Sadly, we had no canoli….

Tonight for dinner, I made a dish called “Godfather Pasta”.

It’s a dish of pasta with a cheesy garlicy sauce, also stirred in with cured Italian meats, banana peppers, roasted red peppers, and olives. It’s freakishly delicious.

After we ate, I ventured next door to sit with my father for a while. When I got over there, Wheel of Fortune had just started, and the first puzzle was:

“Make an offer you can’t refuse.”

I like it when the world synchronizes.

(If you’re curious as to how to make Godfather Pasta, I used this recipe in my Instant Pot. I modified the recipe to add a small can of sliced olives, and a second pile of banana peppers in addition to the ones that actually cook in the pot with the pasta.)

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