Saturday Centus

A normal, but patriotic, prompt this week. Easy enough. Here we go!

Nico Fabrizzio took in the cheers of the crowd, but he could only think of sleep. After thirty cities in thirty-two days, he’d wasn’t even sure where he was anymore. He loved the sold-out audiences, but now the “Golden Tenor” was just one short song away from a vacation. And this wasn’t even a full concert; just the National Anthem before a hockey game. The announcer announced him, silence fell, and he sang, unaccompanied.

“Oh say can you see….”

His voice filled the stadium. It was remarkable.

Too bad he was in Montreal for a Canadiens-Maple Leafs game.

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9 Responses to Saturday Centus

  1. Cindy says:

    Ow…that hurts

  2. Judie says:

    But he KNEW the words to "Oh, Canada," didn't he???

  3. Susan Anderson says:

    GREAT twist.

    Loved it.


  4. Dazee Dreamer says:

    hahahahaha. you nut.

  5. Fireblossom says:


  6. Jenny says:


    I hope you know what a fan I am of your witty writing.

    You are so clever.

    I'm curious. Are you as funny in person. Your smile and bright eyes strike me as someone that would be fabulous to talk to!

    Great use of this prompt!

    Happy Fourth of July!

  7. Unknown says:

    hahahahahahahaa ….. that was great!!!! It's those little moments that count.

  8. Unknown says:

    Very funny! And enormously clever too!
    Best wishes,
    A Rainy Day in July-Anna's SC wk 61

  9. 21 Wits says:

    Laughing still…so very clever and funny too! Great stuff!

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