Saturday Centus

This week we get a picture:

Hmmmm. Now what to do with that….

“If we don’t bring back something, she’s gonna kill us,” said Joe.

“Tell me somethin’ I don’t know,” said Willie. “But look where we are. There’s nothin’ here!”

“Oh yeah there is,” Joe said. “I can feel it.”

“Aww, you can’t feel nothin’. We shoulda stayed in the grass.”

“Hey. See that?”


“That! Right there! Look!”

“Where…huh?!…you gotta be kiddin’ me.”

“And you said I can’t feel nothin’.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yer a genius. Now how we gonna lift this thing?”

“You get one side. I get the other.”

“Yeah, right. Do ants even eat egg?”

“Just lift, Willie!”

Hmmm. Do ants eat egg? I have no idea….

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9 Responses to Saturday Centus

  1. popeyemoon says:

    Fire ants will.

  2. Christine says:

    This was a great Centus, very clever.

  3. Lynn says:

    That's different! I like it:@)

  4. jabblog says:

    Brilliant – and funny:-)

  5. Tgoette says:

    Awesome story! Your are entirely too talented with dialogue! Funny stuff!

  6. Susan Anderson says:

    What a fun twist!


  7. Nonna says:

    Excellent !

    You are a natural dialogue genius and so is this truly insightful peek into the lives of ants.

    I just saw a show recently about how ants operate in a colony and your story fits like a glove to what scientists have learned. If ants could talk like us, I know what you wrote is what they'd be sayin'!

  8. Ames says:

    A great take on the prompt! I think ants can move mountains!~Ames

  9. Jenny says:

    You are brilliant! Love this!

    I loved your unique and humorous viewpoint for this weeks picture prompt!

    Are you a comedian in real life?

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