Scenes from Downtown Buffalo and Canalside

For a long time I’ve wanted to go down to Canalside, a sort-of public commons area on the Inner Waterfront in downtown Buffalo, to take photos of the people ice-skating on the rink there. I finally did just that last week, and while downtown I took the Metro Rail up to the Theater District and then walked back down Main Street to Canalside, where I took a few more pictures of skaters, as a couple of hours had passed by then.

Here are some of the resulting photos.

More, including expandable versions of these photos, available in this Flickr album.

As you can see, the light that day was gray, diffuse, and overcast–which is some great light to shoot in. (So far in my photography journey, I am not being choosey about the light I choose to shoot in or not to shoot in; I need to figure out how all the light works, so I don’t let the light be a factor in whether I go out or not. Now, as the day went on, the gray misty air eventually shifted into actual drizzle, which I probably should not have been out in, given the one substantial fault of the camera I bought: its lack of weather sealing. The camera was wetter than I would have liked by the time I finally got back to the car. Note to self: take the camera bag with you on days like this!

I also couldn’t help noticing, as I always do when I’m on Main St. in downtown Buffalo, that the city is on Year Thirty of feeling like it’s going to wake up and be a proper city oh, any day now. Of course, it hasn’t happened yet; there are still too few people and too few businesses down there to make for really interesting street photography. But hey, I’m not losing hope.

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