Scenes from the Faire

A couple weekends ago, The Wife and I attended the Sterling Renaissance Festival. Here’s a bit of photographic rundown of this year’s edition of the Fair.

At the Renaissance Festival #sterlingrenaissancefestival

Looking the other way #sterlingrenaissancefestival

This weekend was our annual trek to the Sterling Renaissance Festival! One gentleman bows before the Queen, whilst another is oblivious to royalty behind him. More to come later! #sterlingrenaissancefestival

(Her Majesty, the Queen)

Glass chess set. Sadly, I did not have $2300 on me. #sterlingrenaissancefestival

Look at this amazing decanter! #sterlingrenaissancefestival

Her Royal Highness the Queen, with some attendant she'll most likely have killed in the morning. And one of her attendants, looking truly radiant this day. #sterlingrenaissancefestival

(Her Majesty, the Queen, with Royal suitor.)

Reader of Ribald Poetry. #sterlingrenaissancefestival

(This fellow read uproarious poetry of a bawdy nature.)

M'lady in blue #sterlingrenaissancefestival

(Milady in Blue, as always. I have a headcanon involving her, secret lovers, rendezvous in wind-swept caves and on bridges on forest paths, races to catch the last ship from Calais for Dover, secret dispatches to a spy in England, poisoned daggers, and a pistol with one shot hidden in the folds of Milady’s blue gown.)

What intrigue plays out on yonder stage whilst we groundlings attend upon the tourney? Hmmm! #sterlingrenaissancefestival

(A mere several hours later, and the Royal suitor does not seem quite so close to Her Majesty the Queen as he was before. Perhaps he is already falling out of favor and will awaken on the morrow to find himself in a stone cell in Her Majesty’s tower.)

The attendant sees to a final need of Sir Knight before he takes up the lance. #sterlingrenaissancefestival

Moment of impact #sterlingrenaissancefestival

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