Sentential Links #114

One hundred fourteen! Woot! Or something like that. Anyhow, on with the links….

:: Never open a book with weather.

:: When you have lost hope, when your world feels broken, it is so important to remember what a tremendous difference a year can make. Anything is possible. Sometimes the universe surprises you. (Isn’t that the truth….)

:: You know, all in a day’s work.

:: The 3-story rowhouse at #9 Hillsleigh Road in the Notting Hill borough of London is a house I never lived in. Despite this one tiny, insignificant fact, I have some great memories of the years I called it home.

:: Ah, yes, settling Soviet hash through a massive war during which, one assumes, no bloodshed or suffering or any other unpleasantness would have taken place. Too bad we listened to weak-kneed Harry Truman. (And here. I swear….)

:: Most of us are grateful that we got through the Cold War without a nuclear cataclysm; these people see it as a missed opportunity.

:: Al Gore has a habit of bringing out the worst in conservatives — especially their eagerness to smear and their self-imposed ignorance about the nature of science and how the world really works.

No doubt, if they were ever self-aware enough to recognize this, though, they’d just find a way to blame Gore for it.

:: I have many words to explain how very much I loved my father, but none to capture how much I miss him already.

:: Part of the fun of watching new series is seeing how the writing staff experiments and shapes it. BACK TO YOU has top people at the helm. My guess is they’re only going to make the show better.

:: It’s good to see that Deanna, who has long be consigned to child-raising and house-maintenance duties, has accepted her position as a mere employee in Michael Patterson’s Wonderful Life and has agreed to wear a name tag. OR…. He kind of looks like the victim of a drive-by prostate exam. (That last is, technically, a comment by a reader of that blog. But wow, that’s funny.)

:: According to Entertainment Weekly, George Lucas is currently on the hunt for a number of writers to script 13 episodes of his planned live-action Star Wars TV series. (I’m here, George! And I’m not doing anything! I can be out there the day after tomorrow, if you want! Wife? Daughter? Pagh!)

OK, we’re done now. Tune in next week. Because if you don’t, you’re a poopyhead.

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