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:: So I ask again, who won World War II? Was it the Allies? The Americans? The Soviet Union?

I believe that the real victory of World War II came from the emaciated symphony of Leningrad. In a deeper sense, the real victories in life belong to those who never give up. (I followed a few links from Facebook and ended up here, a blog I’d never seen before.)

:: I read an article this weekend about this movie and how Bollywood has no history of Superheroes in their film industry or even in Indian culture. They had to build a mythology from scratch in order to sell their target audience on the idea of a hero with superpowers. (A Bollywood superhero movie? This, I gotta see.)

:: The key is that what I do is find topics to write on, and throw random thoughts in an electronic folder until the ideas start writing themselves. You ever read about a writer on a TV show or a novelist talk about dictating itself to them, rather than the other way around? It’s sort of like that. (Blogging used to be that way for me, but as I’ve made the decision that my fiction writing must be the focus, blogging has to be dug at and pried a bit. Strange.)

:: As you know by now, I have no use for books that are written according to a marketable formula, and containing no heart. Somewhere, sometime, a writer has to leave drops of blood on his or her pages.

:: A much shorter version of all the above is that I can put on $120 worth of clothes and shoes and be taken seriously almost anywhere I might want to go. So that’s what I do. Not everyone gets to do it. These facts are worth thinking about.

:: Goddman, I love comic books.

:: I am not one of those people who harp continually about how the series needs to be cancelled because it’s not as good as when it was one of the best series of all time, but how do you go forward without Edna Krabappel? (That’s the whole post, but I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the laughs over four decades, Marcia Wallace!)

More next week!

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    I must say that I almost always like your linkage (and not just because you included me).

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