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:: Looks like I need a good cherry pie recipe! (Oooh, that reminds me: I got tart cherries at the farmer’s market the other day, so I gotta take some in with lunch tomorrow. And that deep dish pizza I made yesterday? The onions and peppers and sausage were all local! Yay, me! I’m responsible and stuff!)

:: It took thirty years…but when Shirley went off, she took the rest of the building with her. Some claim is was a tumor in her brain but I know it was that desk that drove Shirley crazy. (No! I love that desk! Say it ain’t so!)

:: Our human calendars, analog, digital, and virtual, on our walls and on our screens, say it’s August 1st today. But according to the floral clocks along the roadside it’s been August here for over a week. The daylilies have faded and the goldenrod, wave after feathery yellow wave, has taken over. (I love me some August, and in fact, I have just decided the other day that I will complain about hot-and-humid July nevermore, so long as August remains an absolute treat ’round these parts. It’s by far the best of the summer months. Of course, given how the seasons function in WNY, there are only two summer months. June is the better part of spring — what everyone else in the country enjoys in early May, that’s what we’re basking in when June arrives. July is usually when all the unpleasant heat and humidity rock the place, although aside from a five or six day string of it, this year didn’t see much of that at all. In August, though, temperatures and humidity tend to drop to very pleasant levels. Yes, technically, September is mostly a summer month, by definition, but let’s be honest: emotionally, once Labor Day is past, it’s Fall. Which means, soon I’ll be back into overalls full-time! Huzzah!!!)

:: And if you’re going to read books, don’t just concentrate on structure. Read books about character development. For my money, THAT’S your real starting point. Good, fresh, original, compelling characters.

:: At the ripe old age of 34 I firmly believe that I am living in the midst of the Geek Golden Era. With comic books, movies, TV shows, and everything else blurring together, I am getting everything I ever wanted in life handed down to me.

:: So, in summary: I believe what we’re seeing is a move towards the global imposition of a police state in the developed world, leveraging the xenophobia that naturally emerges during insecure times, by a ruling elite who are themselves feeling threatened by a spectre. Controls on movement, freedom of association, and speech are all key tools in the classic police state’s arsenal.

:: Neil Armstrong is a particularly refreshing idol in this regard because there’s nothing particularly exceptional about him. Well…that’s not entirely true. He tended to crash planes. A lot.

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    unfortunately, I TOTALLY agree with the antipope quote.

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