Sentential Links #197

Linkage. Closing in on 200 of these posts, wow!

(As an added bonus for this week, no politics! I’m a bit burned out on reading about Republicans right now.)

:: I am seriously in love with this game right now. (Super Mario Bros. was one of the initial games we got for our Wii, in addition to Wii Play, which I got more because it came with an extra Wiimote than anything else. I’m starting to look into other games, but it’s a testament to how good Super Mario Bros. is that it’s taken this long for us to start thinking, “Hmmm, we should get another game or two one of these days.” And I have to note that there’s something weirdly meta about me wearing a red shirt and overalls and playing a video game where the character I’m controlling is a guy wearing a red shirt and overalls. Whoa….)

:: In 1966, a show that was about some young and very attractive people stranded together on a deserted island could get away with pretending that the young and attractive people wouldn’t notice that they were young and attractive and act upon it. Gilligan and the Professor were assumed to be as blind as little boys to the fact that Ginger and Mary Ann were girls, and, despite Ginger’s occasional vamping, she and Mary Ann were only that much more aware of sex than a couple of sixth grade girls would be than they’re younger brothers. The four of them were very tall children because most of the audience was made up of children and to them life on a desert island would be no phone, no lights, no motor cars, not a single luxury, but they wouldn’t count sex as one of those missing luxuries. Parents knew better but they were glad to let it slide because of the kids. (A Gilligan’s Island movie. I’m frankly surprised it took this long for this to come about. I, too, don’t much see the point, because it’ll have to be all “contemporary”, which means lots of crude sex jokes and whatnot where Lance points out that the show didn’t have any sexual content at all. Oh well. It’ll probably suck, but it could redeem itself a bit with some good coconut cream pie action, I suppose. BTW, in spite of my lifelong fascination with red-heads, in this particular case I was always in the Maryanne camp.)

:: And God so loved us that He sent us his Messenger, whose wings were golden and wondrous! And this Messenger did help us out once in a while, but often He would mope, or complain, or forget where He was or what He was doing. The disparity in earning power between Him and His wife was always a source of tension…

:: When we first saw Jurassic Park and the T-Rex came out of no where to kill the Velociraptor at the end, we all thought the same thing… awesome. It was just that, not much more thought went into it. Upon a thousand viewings later though questions like these start to crop up.

:: Oh, those wacky Latinos and their crazy funeral traditions involving respect for the dead. Don’t they realize that the true purpose of funerals is for therapy and that any other consideration is just plain silly and old-fashioned?

:: I went into it completely open to any new experience that might visit itself upon me. It was late, and I went around the living room lighting candles and switching off the electric lights. I put the Chopin nocturne on the stereo and went to the little bar area that sits between the dining room and the kitchen. (Steph drinks absinthe so you don’t have to!)

All for this week. Tune in next week!

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