Sentential Links

Haven’t done one of these in, oh, forever….

:: She went away for about a week to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in mid-August, spending time with her 13 y.o. twin cousins, and she comes home a Weird Al maven. (Next up: Monty Python!)

:: You never have to worry about me. This farm will always be okay and only grow to be stronger, healthier, wiser and better equipped to help others find the same happiness if they want it. And I think the best thing I can do to make my fire burn a little brighter is remind you that you also have a hot coal in there somewhere. So choose to be happy, and it is a choice. Smile when you are cold, naked, and scared. Light the Need Fire of your own story, and share that heat with the rest of us. We sure as hell need it when the toilet bowl freezes…

:: Typical of JJ Abrams. He talks a good game but in the end all the reaction he ever gets out of me is ‘meh’. (Man! I liked it!)

:: I’m not in the mood for the Internet.

:: In the meantime, whatever comes a year from now, I’m savoring today, this feeling, this excitement, this reminder of youth.

:: HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYBODY! Crankshaft reminds you that Thanksgiving is a fun time to watch your elderly relatives, who know that they’re going to die soon, bargain with God. Enjoy!

:: Pleasure has to be a part of life, if you can swing it. I’m trying.

Maybe more next week! But with my usual level of reliability of late, don’t bet the house on it.

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