Sentential Links #214


:: Today, this argument would almost certainly carry the day. Even most liberals wouldn’t fight it. It’s as if we’ve been brainwashed against arguing that we should do something purely because it represents the way we think people deserve to be treated. We need graphs and charts and dueling models of economic distribution instead. (Good post by Kevin Drum that captures something that’s been bothering me for years about the American political debate — everything comes down to cost, or whether it makes money, or whatever. Everything. The context here is the increasingly common practice employers — read, businesses — have on factoring credit checks into hiring decisions, as if someone’s credit can really be said to have a bearing on their character or likelihood to be a good employee.)

:: Thoreau’s grim observation is a call to revolution. Not the revolution of mobs but a revolution of the spirit.

:: We can’t stay 24 forever, but we can always look good if we make an effort.

:: But for sentimental reasons my money’s on the first couple. The second couple’s having their fun now and it’s enough and good for them. Good luck to them both in whatever comes next. But I want to believe that twenty or twenty-five years from now the first couple will be down here with their kids and he’ll look out from the beach one day and see another couple on the float, talking, and he’ll think with more amusement and affection than nostalgia and regret, “Were we ever that young?”

:: Although my blog was supposed
to be about art
it became more about the “art of life,”
and living the adventures
of being a wild woman,
sweet, funny and trying.
In this, I have found a new voice
and a storytelling quality,
I didn’t know I had.
(Brand new blog to me; one of the more whimsical blogs I’ve come across of late!)

:: I believe in the Shekinah, the Buddha, our vibrating strings and the forbidden forest. (Another wonderful blog that’s new to me. Whoever said that blogging is dead must have stopped looking in 2006, because I keep finding new and amazing people out there.)

:: I’m usually the last one to to complain about (or pick up on) this kind of thing–and I’m the first to skeptical when people try to turn something that seems harmless into a racial thing –but damned if the first thing to pop into my head while reading this was “Wait, Superman is making Philly safe for white folks?” (Read this and the several posts immediately preceding it for some interesting comment on the current storyline in the Superman comics. The story looks…well, pretty downright awful, on a whole bunch of levels, the worst being that J. Michael Straczynski, who is writing this, has decided that Superman’s main power is his super-doucheyness.)

All for this week. Back next week!

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