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The linkage never stops…it just keeps coming and coming and coming…always the links…always always always links links links….

:: In fact, it could be said that if you cannot afford the things on this list, then you should not be having children. (Interesting list. I’d dispute, in part, the bit about a bucket of screws, bolts, and nuts — not that you shouldn’t have one, but I would disagree that you will use them. In my experience, hardware multiplies like rabbits — and eventually you reach the critical mass of the Jar O’Random Fasteners, which is when you know there’s probably a screw of the size you need in there but you’re damned if you’re gonna spend the time to search through the jar for it so you’d just might as well go to Home Depot and buy however many screws of that size you need, which is also preferable because, Hey, trip to Home Depot!)

:: There was a time in my life when Doug McClure was the biggest action adventure hero in the movies. He seemed to always be in pictures set on some mysterious island or at the center of the Earth.

:: Today is Canada Day. What’s so great about Canada? (Canada is all sorts of nifty, I have to admit. But then, I’m in Buffalo. We stare wistfully at Canada and think, “If not for a couple of battles two hundred years ago….”*)

:: Alright ladies! I’ve never said this before, but let’s be friends. I’ll buy you a fruit drink and listen to your cat stories if you don’t mind if I tell you a funny story about how you should never ask a stripper how much a Blumpkin costs. Hell, I can even show you how to tie a proper knot to a head board, after you tell me how to fix my goddamn hair already. Maybe we can finally understand each other now.

:: I feel very blessed, very grateful, I haven’t slept a wink, and I’m still floating in outer space. I love my friends, my family, my acquaintances, and am so grateful for all of them showing up last night. (Sheila wrote a play, and has had it read several times in different cities, and each time, apparently it goes even better. Where next? Maybe a small, rust-belt city on one of the Great Lakes that has an unusually vibrant theater scene for a city its size…one can only hope!)

:: I think I’ve learned one of the basic wisdoms of writing. That is, it’s always a good idea to take a few steps away from a story before you venture into a major rewrite. It’s even better to do this before you publish. More importantly, I’m falling out of love.

:: My mother had a stack of 45 rpm records that were several years older than me. Of course, when I was a kid that was really old old, antique, ancient, not like we, as adults think of songs from the previous decade. I was fascinated with these records. I liked the idea of listening to something from “so long ago” and I actually liked quite a few of the songs.

:: Vin Scully is in his 63rd season of calling Dodger baseball. The probation period is almost up.

But seriously, he is the Mozart of baseball broadcasters and I can’t imagine another announcer ever being as good.

And he’s always been there. Night after night, summer after summer. (By the way: as I write this, the Pirates are more than halfway to win #82, and less than halfway to loss #82! Go Bucs!!!)

More next week!

* No, we don’t really think that. But we here in Buffalo do love us some Canada! Especially when they have a day off up there, stream across the borders, and spend money in our local emporia. Huzzah for Canada!

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