Sentential Links!

Wheeee! Linking some new blogs (to me, anyway) and blogs that I’ve bookmarked or linked forever but for whatever reason (usually laziness or lack of time) I simply haven’t checked much in a while.

:: The negative is that I have been the subject of body shaming and bullying recently and I feel like I need to have a good talk with you all about the importance of watching your language and the way you talk to people. (Cut it out, people. Just stop.)

:: I swear to you, I don’t think I’ve been in a better mood than I have been today since I last ovulated.

:: I.

Am one with a giant Ponderosa pine tree.



Blessed and grateful?

For certain.

:: I am over the moon about my debut novel entering the big, wide, world! The unfolding of our own personal stories parallels the publishing of a book in so many ways. For me, it’s just like this gigantic, lean back in the chair, moment of awe. It has been a freaking roller coaster. And you’ve been along for the ride.

:: At a little distance, love
emerged, entirely.

:: But there is so much about the wal-mart experience that is highly unaesthetic and makes me think, “This could be so much more pleasant.”

:: He was not a perfect man — the more I find out about him, the more I realize that — but he had the courage to stand up for his principles at a time when it would have been far easier for him to back down, and he also had the bravery to stand up against authority in an age when such a thing was not only just not done but tended to be life-threatening as well. These are not bad traits to admire, even in a man whom many might otherwise find less than admirable.

More next week! Or not. You never know.

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