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Linkage! Some of these are new to me, blogs by folks I’ve met through Instagram.

:: I’m trying to focus on the things that I want to make habits, to work on finding a less cranky place to come from. Seems a good goal, overall.

:: Their story is still being written. Their possibilities are endless. The future is up for grabs, to take and mold it as they please.

:: But I struggle with the label of bisexual. For me that implies a desire for that particularly womanly taste and scent, the softness of the curves of the female, balanced with a longing for the hardness of males. This is not my experience. I cannot claim “queer” as an identity, as I am objectively “not-queer.” I am ambisexual, uni-sexual, ambiguously sexual…who can say.

I am, in the end, just me. (Aren’t we all? Labels are such a pain in the ass…but they make talking about stuff so much easier. Weird.)

:: I woke up with this feeling, a season change is clear in the air. It rained all night, and that’s good for the plants, not for my mind, I’ve been praying, like every day, for our home to be safe, for my cats and dog to be safe when i’m working.

:: Kat Dennings is an almost-perfect choice for Maddy. She is witty and sarcastic, but can turn on the dramatic when the scenes call for a bit of seriousness. Although Maddy is described as only 5’1, Kat’s curves are exactly how I pictured my MC when I wrote her character. (I can’t say I haven’t pictured Kat Dennings as the older of the two Princesses In SPACE!!! [not the actual title], but I haven’t mentally cast her, either, mainly because she’s likely unconvincingly old for that part. Alas!)

:: I was the kid that gave her barbies cancer. They had terrible, and rather short lives in my make-believe world. Bad things just happened and I was aware of it.

:: Shakespeare wrote plays, not novels; that is, his works were meant to be seen and heard, not read — at least not at first. While I prefer live theater, that’s more easily said than done for some folks, given travel, time, and/or budgetary considerations. In my experience, then, a well regarded film is preferable to an amateur-ish “Shakespeare in the Park” production. Bad theater, no matter how well intentioned, is just bad theater.

:: My father loved to write crap down. He’d dream up some idea or another, and he’d jot it down in one of a half-dozen little notebooks he used to carry around with him. I remember one time as a kid when I asked him about something, and to answer me he produced one of his older notebooks. Hell, I can’t remember what it was I asked. But I clearly remember him ruffling through page after page of drawings and scribbles, trying to find the answer. He paused on one page, which contained a crude (but surprisingly precise) drawing of a suitcase with two different kinds of wheels on it. “I really should’ve done something about that,” he said, tacitly suggesting he’d scooped the originator’s patent. (At work, I always carry a notepad with me. Always. I have to. If I’m working in one part of the store and I realize I need to cut a piece of material, it’s easier to take my measurement on site, jot it down, and go make the cut. That’s just one example. Oddly, I don’t carry any kind of notepad around when I’m just me, being Joe Blow Writer Dude out and about. This seems odd, but it occurs to me that I rarely have any big writing ideas when I’m out and about being Joe Blow Writer Dude. I’ve come to a point where The Muse seems to only drive by and chuck shit out the window at me when he knows I’m gonna be right here, ass in chair, banging away on the keyboard.)

:: May I make it clear, please: next time some yahoo proclaims the word of God as a tool of oppression (and/or stupidity), just assume I oppose it. I may not mention it all the time, because that’s what I would be writing about ALL THE TIME. I’m not interested in doing that; it would be boring for me, and quite possibly for you.

More next week!

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    I should say (all the time) that I'm honored when I make your pages!

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