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Again, I’m going to rely on the master list of A-to-Z blogging participants for this week’s linkage. Check them out! There’s a lot of good stuff being done out there in Blogistan. Anyone who says that blogging is dead isn’t paying attention, and anyone who ignores personal blogs is losing out on a lot of great insight and writing.


:: Liripipe
noun [lir-ee-pahyp] –
a hood with a long, hanging peak, worn originally by medieval academics and later adopted for general wear in the 14th and 15th centuries.

:: I love writing fantasy. True, I’ve written stories in our world, but there is something fun about creating your own world. Plus, I have to admit I’m a bit lazy when it comes to research. Always have been. But in fantasy in an alternate Earth, I can use my imagination. If I want something to work a certain way, then it’s my right. Within reason, of course. Even fantasy has to have some basis in reality. *laughs*

:: HWMMS: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa! (Electric flickers.)

Me: (LEAPING FROM THE COUCH therefore spilling my glass of water all over the remote controls, which apparently is more important than the fact I thought my Husband just got electrocuted and I need to learn to be more careful.)

:: Follow your writer’s dream; do everything within your power to make it come true. (Good advice! I shall now track down every agent I’ve queried and kidnap their dogs and/or children, with a representation deal as ransom!

No, I won’t do that. Sheesh.)

:: The letter L makes me think of South America. That’s became of Fernando Lamas, and llamas . . . and my old Roger Corman buddy, Lucho Llosa. (This blogger is doing A-to-Z on Roger Corman. That…is…awesome.)

:: It wasn’t the smell of unfamiliar perfume that did it. It was the dark, rusty red lipstick that stained the collar of his shirt that made her freeze like a broken down robot, the offensive collar stretched out in front of her by trembling hands. She wasn’t sure what to do next, so she just stood there staring at it.

:: One of the advantages and frustrations of being a writer is how little people in your own family actually read what you write. Today, it is an advantage. It means I can write about my oldest child. (What a lovely tribute!)

More next week!

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Blogging isn't dead; it's just no longer cool. Why write in this long, antiquated form when I can just send out an LOLcats and get a far greater reaction?

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