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:: I have a reasonably large vocabulary, I suppose. Some words, particularly newer ones, apparently elude me, however. Twerking and selfie have been added to the Oxford Dictionary of English recently, and I had been largely oblivious to both terms. (I am still unclear as to what exactly ‘twerking’ is. And no, I am not requesting an explanation.)

:: I need to constantly remind myself that there is no reason anyone should have any idea what I am talking about. My life includes farriers, horse carts, cheese making and medieval archery. It’s about fiddles and cider brewing and I make a living talking about it all on the internet.

:: One of the hidden gem moments of the Avengers had to be the conversation between Agent Coulson and Captain America when they first meet face to face. (I’d forgotten that moment. I really need to see that movie again….)

:: There are three topics that one is not supposed to talk about in the wardroom: sex, politics, and religion. We’ve had recent threads about both sex and politics, so it’s time for religion. To that end, here we go.

:: Whatever the case, both those poor souls look like they would be seriously cheered up by a little kid walking in there and cramming more potato chips into his mouth than anyone would’ve though humanly possible.

:: I wish I had more of the analytical, explaining talent. Then I could maybe really communicate to people this feeling, or even explain it better to myself. I know we all experience this kind of thing from time to time, and I’m glad. I think it’s one of those things that truly connect us as souls, that truly gives us friendship. But I’m still working on being a good teacher and explainer and analyzer of all these things, rather than just a student and sponge of awesomeness. We’re all just doing our best to add to the awesome, right?

Maybe you don’t see this feeling as spiritually or important as I do, and that’s okay. But it’s like the TARDIS says. We humans, we’re bigger on the inside.

:: My true self is my baggy overalls self. It’s imperfect. It’s in process. But it’s beloved by God apart from appearance or accomplishment or titles. (Overalls as metaphor for ultimate acceptance? Works for me!)

:: This attitude is nothing new, obviously. There’s a strong belief among the Beltway pundit class—even among a lot of liberals—that a true commander-in-chief is someone who is always and everywhere ready to go to war without doubt and without misgivings. Even if the war is wrong, you need to keep up a steely facade.

I sometimes wonder how it is that so few people seem to recognize just how insane this is. Even speaking as someone who thinks Obama handled Syria pretty poorly, I don’t have the slightest problem with the fact that he was obviously conflicted about it. He should be conflicted about it. This isn’t self-defense. We’re not defending democracy. We’re not responding to any danger to Americans. It’s a close call. And it would be something like our eighth—or tenth, or twelfth, depending on how you count—overseas military action in the past two decades. What kind of person doesn’t look at a record like this and at least consider the possibility that a full-bore bloody shirt campaign by the president might not be in order yet again? (I can’t stand the constant drum-beating for war. I find it unbelievably depressing, each and every time it happens. I am more and more convinced that it is simply chest-beating at a national level. I, for one, would be very happy to never, ever, ever hear again the foreign policy thoughts of Senator John “I love war!” McCain.)

More next week!

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2 Responses to Sentential Links

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Re: Syria and Obama: I have to write about it, but David Souter spoke last week on the value of the humanities, and a clear message was that uncertainty was a positive trait.

  2. Earl says:

    Our armed forces are manned by volunteers which necessitated a prolonged PR campaign which can only be described as "beckoning the hero". Hero soldier surprises kids at school, hero soldier buys wife house. Hero soldier is duty bound, handsome and much loved.

    Indeed the hero soldier protects us all so lets stop and genuflect in reverence when he comes home with prosthetic arms and legs or worse. Oh and make your kids do the same so that we condition them into the culture of hero worship. This is a good supplement to the never ending war games that flood the PSXBOXENDO.

    The reality of people exploiting these wounded charities for personal gain all the while being hailed as patriots for having the insignia or a yellow ribbon on their BMW is almost as nauseating as the millionaire country music singer pretending they drive a 15 year old truck to and from their low wage factory job while living in a trailer.

    Twerking is a verb. I believe it is also has a noun form: Twerk; N: a person who is manipulated by propaganda to the point of their own demise.

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