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It’s that time again, folks. Link time! Hooray!

:: We all knew this was how it would happen, slowly but steadily. We knew it. And now it’s happened to Rob Portman. It’s progress. It’s human. And I should be less churlish about it. (I see nothing to be gained in being a jerk about how someone comes to the conclusion that they’ve been wrong and joins the side of the angels. I wish it would happen more quickly, but that’s not for me to decide.)

:: I miss her. I’m glad she was here. I carry her with me for the rest of my life. And that’s not a bad thing. (I often wonder what kind of burden The Daughter will carry in life, knowing that for a time, she had a brother….)

:: BBC: I’m sorry, I’m afraid that we’re going to have to postpone the start of your season again. Budget concerns, you know. You’ll just have do make do with the back half of Season Seven and a couple of specials for your 50th anniversary.

Doctor Who Producer: But our series is a phenomenal success! It’s getting astounding ratings and great audience appreciation numbers every year, year in and year out! (And now Britain’s stupid austerity budgeting is hurting Doctor Who production? NEVER!!!)

:: I’ve always been Roger O. Green, or Roger O’Green, if you will. Some day, maybe I’ll discover whether I come by my faux designation legitimately. (I find that the older I get…my level of interest in my genealogy goes nowhere. Seriously. I know nothing about my family beyond my grandparents, and I suspect that’s the way it’s likely to stay.)

:: What novel do you have multiple well worn copies of? If you were in an old book store would you look for another older volume of the same book so that you can eventually find a first edition? If you are a Bibliophiles, you know what I am talking about and you are my people. (I don’t crave a first edition Lord of the Rings, but I do own multiple copies, for various reasons — mainly, every few years or so I see one that looks really nifty. Ditto a number of GGK’s novels. I want to get a single-volume edition of The Fionavar Tapestry at some point…and a proper Under Heaven, since my only copy of that one at this point is the ARC I got when the book was coming out.)

:: Also, house parties. I think all novels should have house parties in them. (Note to self: write a house party into Princesses II: The Wrath of the Princesses.)

:: I live it for wiser folk to figure out where she lies on the spectrum of Christian theology, but I do want to point out the hilarious middle panel, in which everyone was enjoying themselves watching basketball until she wandered in with dark warnings about the fact that death looms over us all, constantly. (Oh, Family Circus, never change!)

:: So, THE LAST DANGEROUS V… Er, I mean, THE REPUBLIC OF THIEVES! October 10th. And now it’s some other writer’s turn to wear the Crown of Lateness. I have already started work on the fourth Gentleman Bastard book, THE THORN OF EMBERLAIN. (Heh…at the rate I’m going, I’ll have Princesses In SPACE!!! III: The Search for Spock’s Princesses done by the time I somehow get Princesses published. But that day will come, by God!!! Joking aside, I’m glad that the new Locke Lamora book is on the way. I enjoy that series.)

More next week!

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