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:: But now I understand why people are nostalgic. It’s your brain trying to express a moment, and recognizing that the only people who would ever truly get what you’re trying to express were the ones who were there, and they already know.

:: I got in trouble at Graceland, basically, because I wanted to read Elvis’ marginalia. (Wow…why have it on display if you’re going to discourage people reading something Elvis scrawled in a book?)

:: Police militarization was a mistake. You can argue that perhaps we didn’t know that at the time. No one knew in 1990 that crime was about to begin a dramatic long-term decline, and no one knew in 2001 that domestic terrorism would never become a serious threat. But we know now. There’s no longer even a thin excuse for arming our police forces this way.

:: You might think that Dolly is being a dolt about how day, night, and the various bodies in our solar system relate to each other, but she’s actually 100% right: it’s two in the afternoon and the “dark” is the construction paper Mommy and Daddy have used to block all the windows in the Keane Kompound, punishing the children for some minor act of disobedience with simulated eternal night. Sorry, PJ, but you won’t get to see the sun again until your older siblings show some halfway convincing repentance.

:: Chad Scott. What did you do to the world? Was this a joke? Some plot to punish people? Were you sitting at home in your rat cage and your roommate said, “Gee, what do you want to do tonight, Chad?” and you respond with, “The same thing we do every night, Pinky, try to kill the entire population of the world with stench and bad ideas.” (I wasn’t a fan.) First of all, I’m very open-minded when it comes to flavor combinations and food and trying new things … I sort of have to be in my line of work. But all of my senses were assaulted, here. For this, I will never forgive Mr. Chad Scott. – See more at: (Yeah. Under no circumstances will I subject myself to this.)

:: So I’m going to help Marvel find it’s “next Guardians,” the C and D characters who will rack of a few hundred million at the box office.

And to make it a challenge, I’m only going to use characters who’ve starred in Marvel Premiere and Marvel Spotlight, because that’s a key breeding ground for losers.

Let’s start with this guy… (Hmmmm. Maybe…just maybe….)

:: I hate writing tributes. And this year it seems I’ve had to write more than ever. Some are more personal, some are bigger stars than others, but they all chip away at the soul.

:: I like to think that before Robin Williams passed from this world altogether, bound for whatever lies ahead for all of us in that undiscovered country, he was granted a brief moment to pause and look back and see how many of us have been standing on our desks this week in solidarity and affection for our fallen captain. I hope the sight made him smile. (Like Jason, I have problems with Dead Poets Society, but in terms of sheer imagery, the standing-on-the-desks is so iconic that it really seems the best way to say farewell to a deeply talented, and apparently deeply troubled, man.)

More next week!

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