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:: You probably judge me, condemn me from your ivory tower, safe from addictive substance. But you are only an accident, a painful illness, an injury away from being in my shoes. I did not choose this, I really had no choice.

:: Sometimes I forget that writing is a living, breathing thing; that the story (or the poem, etc.) not only transforms you and feeds you, but is transformed and fed because of you. Erin Bow in her interview with the Quill & Quire last month said that she thinks she writes what she will ultimately end up needing. And I wonder if there’s truth in that for every writer.

:: Lots of people put up big, ugly walls and we get that they’re cries for help so everyone rallies and tries to tear it down, but if you put up a wall and pant something pretty on it, nobody is going to ask what’s behind that wall and that’s the true danger of charisma. (That’s actually the whole post.)

:: Curse your memory. Curse the timing of lightning. Curse the notepad, which always parts ways with the pen you were certain you put it next to. Curse writing. Who invented it, anyway? It’s their fault you’re even in this mess.

:: Bottom line, none of us are the same. Thank God. Life would be so boring. That’s why it’s important for you to never give up on your piece of art until you’ve gone as deep as you can go. That’s where the story lies and where you will find your true voice.

:: I am so many pieces of these songs. They are moments in my life. They somehow fill these aching holes – the holes that I am learning will never truly be filled – well, they temporarily plug them with their verses, and choruses. Their bridges bridge the gap between broken and whole. For a few moments, I can feel free.

:: Lou Scheimer, the man who founded Filmation Studios, died a few days ago at the age of 84. Mark Evanier has a very nice post about him. I just had to mark it here and say a little thank you for contributing to a childhood that relished in fantasy and the imagination, and delighted at such things as lion men, monkey sidekicks, and ghostbusting gorillas.

:: Uncle Merlin called in from the Cape this morning to report he’s having woodpecker trouble. Judging by his description, a female downy has punched a hole in the eave of his house. He wanted to know how to drive her away.

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