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:: I have a confession to make.

I’m not brave.

:: The garbage we hear on TV and from our friends gets into our heads and we tend to talk like everyone else even when we know better. I resolved a while back to stop saying “theory” when I really mean “hypothesis” but it’s hard.

:: The record for keeping the world’s longest (or largest) personal diary might belong to Reverend Robert Shields, who on a whim began one in 1972 and wrote in detail about himself and every day of his life until 1997, when a stroke disabled him. He then turned his opus, which had to be packed up in 91 boxes, over to a university. Exactly how long is it, and is it a good read? Actually it’ll be a while before we know. Rev. Shields donated it to the university in 1999 with the stipulation that no words would be counted and it would not be read until 50 years after his death.

:: Yog’s Law: Money flows toward the writer.

Self-Pub Corollary to Yog’s Law: While in the process of self-publishing, money and rights are controlled by the writer. (I’ve thought about this stuff a lot as I start thinking about gearing up for my first foray into the self-publishing world.)

:: So in that respect, as much as I loved the series, I’m glad Firefly was cancelled. (I’d like to disagree, but I can’t. When we rewatched the series last year, I found this the most troubling aspect of the show. I’d like to think that they would have figured this out in a putative Season Two — and maybe in the new comics which are continuing the story, we’ll find out.)

:: We spent three hours in that booth in the early-morning hours of Labor Day of 2002.

And then we dated, got engaged, got married, bought a house in the suburbs, had a baby, had another baby. And it was all so easy. And it was the hardest thing either of us had ever experienced. Our hearts soared and our hearts were broken – both at the hands of others, of fate, of each other. And romance fizzles as you concentrate on the kids, on your job, on your mortgage, on real life.

:: To remind y’all: you can ask me ANYTHING, and I will answer, reasonably soon, generally within thirty days. Last time out, I kept getting followups, which, BTW, are fine, but it took a bit longer than I had anticipated. (Go ask Roger anything. My next go-round for Ask Me Anything! isn’t until August, so this will keep you busy until then. And yes, I’m aware that I flubbed this past February’s Ask Me Anything!, and I will finish those answers in August. I probably should have skipped it, with the impending move.)

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  1. Call me Paul says:

    I read that post about Firefly, and all I can really say is that the writer doesn't seem to understand Mal and Inara's relationship at all. He, several times, refers to the heart of their relationship as "Mal wants to sleep with her." As far as I'm concerned, it's a lot more complex than that, and both Mal and Inara are more complex than the way this writer has characterized them. Mal's relationship with every single member of his crew and passengers is somewhat of an enigma – each one a little different – that is one of the most intriguing things about the series. Yes, Joss Whedon's dialogue is oh so very clever, but to be blinded by that into believing his characters are shallow is a mistake.

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