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Whaddaya mean, you’re not gonna click these links? Everybody likes links! All the cool kids are clicking them!

:: I’m absolutely spellbound watching creatures eat their lunch.

Which, most of the time, consists of other creatures. (I used to read composer Alex Shapiro’s blog all the time, and then I lapsed for a long time. Not sure why, because her blog is captivating. And I also finally got around to buying her album, as an MP3 download from Amazon. I’d like to report on the entire album, but as I write this, I’m on my third consecutive listen to the second track, “Bioplasm”, which is eleven minutes long. Anyhow, her music and her blog chronicle the lifecycles of her Puget Sound island.)

:: If your response to a woman doing something you don’t like is to threaten her with rape and death, she’s not the problem.

:: There’s a feeling I’m experiencing now that I’m about to finish the first phase of a huge writing project. It’s rather like the first (and only) time I had to get off of a ski lift.

:: So when you get stuck just know, there is no Dr. House for writing. At times we’re all Frank Burns.

:: And where did he get that hat with his name on it? Smokey? Was that his name or did he name himself after he got the hat? (Erm….)

:: I don’t think you have a talk with kids about racism, any more than you would have a talk about sex. You look for opportunities to point out situations where racism exists, even today – shocking, I know, but they do present themselves – and discuss what might be the motivating factors.

:: I was thinking of the different places my family traveled on Spring Break. I remember a few.

:: “I don’t think we’ll finally get over Vietnam until everyone of that generation passes away,” I said. ”Maybe longer. Maybe me and all of their children need to be gone too.”

He shook his head.

“Humph. You wish! We’re not over the Civil War.”

More next week, huzzah!

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    That Vietnam/Civil War quote is quite apt, most unfortunately.

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