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:: I know it seems like it would take a long time, but apparently there is literally nothing inside of monkeys. No bones, no organs, no muscle, no flesh even. It just slips right on like a suit. Weird that scientists don’t make a bigger deal out of the fact that monkeys are just full of vapor and playfulness inside, and murdering them, cutting them open and wearing their skin is something a young man can do quickly on a whim. I guess keeping a lid on that knowledge is probably what keeps us all from going on a simian murder spree.

:: Everybody was incredibly cordial and friendly. At one point we all grabbed hands and sang Kumbaya. Then the doors opened and suddenly it was The Lord of the Flies.

:: But the movie in general, I dislike quite intensely. (Interesting…I have never been terribly incensed by the liberties with the original material that the film of The Two Towers takes.)

:: One, there hasn’t been a good Star Wars movie produced in almost thirty years, and it’s not for lack of trying; and two, the general track record of revisiting iconic projects after decades of inactivity has been mixed, at best. (I suppose that at this point the general feeling of hatred toward the Prequel Trilogy has become accepted wisdom. I concede defeat, on that score.)

:: I frequently have to make a saving throw against ooooh shiny.

:: Go. Look up. See what there is to see. You’ll be amazed at what’s going on just over your head.

:: The innumerable dead are not thankful for much, but they are thankful for this: they have been spared knowledge of Jeffy. (I’m so glad that my thought process was almost identical when I read this week’s Family Circus!)

:: tap tap Is this thing on? (Steven Den Beste suffered a stroke a couple of weeks ago, but he is on the mend.)

More next week!

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