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:: I wish I knew then what I know now – that nothing can be fixed without first looking at what’s broken.

:: I was reading some old ‘Savage Sword of Conan’ last night, and it suddenly struck me what has always seemed strange about Conan as a fantasy character (and Hyboria as a fantasy world, for that matter). Conan was riding in on some adventure or other, getting ready to fight some slithery monster, and I suddenly realized–he has no elven friends. No dwarven friends either, for that matter.

:: Pick your favorite liquor—the one that makes you loose and happy, not upchucking into a clothes dryer. Get comfortable. Light a candle. Have two drinks. Slide down in your chair. And then gently place your fingertips on the hot, slick… buttons of your keyboard. If you’ve never written a sex scene before, you’re probably going to be either terrified or embarrassed, and both of those emotions are a lot easier to swallow when mixed with vodka. (Yipes! I’m not sure I’ll ever write about the actual Act of Teh Sex. There really are areas where I’m a prude, I think! Those Princesses won’t be having any Space Sex any time soon, I can tell you that. I’ll send to a Space Nunnery first! via, by the way.)

:: So why not make ALL your shirts out of the same material as the pants, Doc Savage??? Those pants never rip but the shirts last all of ten seconds. Is it ego, Doc Savage?

:: Personal Top 10 Kaiju lists are things that need documenting. (How did I miss the boat on this? By spending too much time writing, that’s how. Stupid writing.)

:: It’s from that last line that I’d like to suggest that while it’s perhaps accurate to apply “professional writer” only to those who make a living as writers, the material realities of the writing life make such a determination numerically meaningless.

:: The NSA has always had a problem with the open internet. Now a convergence of interests with large corporations is offering them the tools to destroy it.

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