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:: I write because I love it. I create the best art I possibly can because I’m passionate about it. I obsess over word choice and plotlines and character development because I won’t give you anything less than my best. And I share my work with you – for free – because I’ve seen how quickly a person’s dreams can be shattered. I would rather give you my art, without asking for anything in return, than come to the end of my life with unrealized dreams. I just can’t wait any longer. (I saw this post linked on Twitter today, and it really hit me. I’m not desperate to have a paid career writing, although that is my dream and my goal. But, like I indicated last week, I also deeply love and believe in the stories I am creating, so much so that my real dream is to be read. I’m not sure I’ll give it away for free, but who knows — if I can’t publish, and if for some reason I can’t self-publish, then I’ll just give it to the world. Worse things have been done.)

:: For now, I just need to… well, I was going to say get through the next day and a half. But I really don’t want to just get through them. I want to experience them. (SamuraiFrog continues his brave struggles with anxiety. I really think that people writing and blogging about these things can only help…even if it’s to help others who don’t suffer be more empathetic. Nothing’s worse than the “Stiff upper lip, just choose to be happy!” crowd.)

:: Nothing is more fun than the all-true, guaranteed to be correct information features on the inside covers of crime comics.

:: It’s nuts when you think about it. We very briefly had a neverending rainbow of home cinema, the largest film selection available to any generation ever, period, end of story, and we’re regressing from that. How depressing is that?

:: A.C. Crispin will be missed for her vigilant devotion to sticking up for writers, her wonderful candor, her thoughtful and exciting writing, and most of all, for giving the fans of various fictional worlds sweet and unforgettable gifts.

Thanks, Ann Crispin. You’ll be missed. (I hope the fact that Crispin was probably best known for her media tie-in work won’t hold back her reputation in the future. She really was a terrific storyteller, and she could find things in established universes that were so good, so true, that it’s hard not to consider her additions ‘canon’. She will be missed.)

More next week.

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  1. Earl says:

    I wonder if there is a government agency that is deciding what movies should be purged (i.e. burned but not in the way CD's are burned, but banned) from availability venues.

  2. Roger Owen Green says:

    the Art quote resonates with my experience this week.

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