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Time for links! These are all from a new thing I’m participating in over in the Twitterverse, called “Monday Blogs”. You link a blog post of your own using the hashtag #MondayBlogs, and then you visit others doing the same thing, retweeting as you see fit.

:: So there it is – that’s why I need to silence my inner critic instead of allowing it to silence me. I enjoy writing. I delight in it even when the words don’t flow and my brain fights me for every syllable. I have fun building worlds and filling them with characters that speak to me. I love creating something where there was only a negative space (a blank sheet of paper) moments beforehand.

:: I’m working on my next novel and I’ve had an idea. I must get the scene out of my head and onto the page before I forget. Step back everyone. Give the actors room to breathe. Are we ready? Lights. Camera. Action!

:: I think if you asked people where they wanted to spend the holiday season (whatever holiday you celebrate), a hospital would not be anyone’s location of choice.

:: I will not have finished the program I am in, but I have decided to quit school and get writing. I will probably end up going back in the future to finish the degree, but for now, I am going to write and write and write.

:: Once you have made a few long-distance cycle trips, minimalist living comes naturally. Most of us found out the hard way. The pain involved in struggling up hills, knowing that so much of your effort is given over to hauling a load of crap one does not need, is agonising. Worse still is being told by a cycle mechanic that overloading is the reason for your broken luggage rack, spokes or wheel rim.

:: Most writers I know hear the whisper of their writing in their ears regularly, and often at the most inconvenient times: during work, at the dinner hour, driving to and from obligations and then some. There’s nothing like the holiday season, with its emphasis on giving to others, to force even more distance between you and your words. And yet, precisely because of the extra pull on your time, it’s important to find a way to keep some of your creativity alive for yourself at this time of year. I don’t know about you, but a little tendril of resentment (directed at nobody in particular) can creep into my spirit when I don’t get writing time.

:: I flip the page on my 365 Nouns and Adjectives Calendar to reveal November 30, 2012. Sure, we’re heading into December; it’s literally around the corner, or in this case, on the next flip. But hey, plenty of time to do all the stuff that needs to be done before December 25. I’m still enjoying the Thanksgiving afterglow, and then I flip.

More next week! Or not. Busy month, you know.

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Yes. It's 3:15 a.m., and now is the 1st time I've had at the computer all day. Got THREE blog posts in my head (almost forgot one!) but need to visit folks 1st.

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