Serendipity, part one

Yesterday I was able to go out and do a photography walk for the first time in a month. We’ve been on a very annoying weather pattern where it’s been rainy every weekend, which has dampened my photography practice. But finally, yesterday was a gorgeous day. I went down to the Buffalo Outer Harbor, and I’ll have more to say about this particular day at some point soon (I’m still editing the photos, for one thing). But there were a few moments of pure luck where I didn’t know what I had until I reviewed the photos. One, which I’ll share later this week, I noticed when I reviewed the photos on-site on my camera’s LED screen. But this one, I didn’t realize until I was all the way home and was reviewing the day’s efforts on my laptop.

Early on in my session, I saw a big bird flying toward shore, not quite toward me, but close. I lifted my camera, got the bird in frame, and I snapped the photo. I was expecting a hawk of some kind, or maybe even a Canada goose. I was not expecting this:

Pure luck…but as Randy Pausch said in his Last Lecture, “Luck truly is where preparation meets opportunity.” (I know he didn’t originate that saying, but he’s the person I associate with it.)

Again, I’ll say more on this later…and maybe also in a video…but really, I just want to share this photo that I took of an eagle. I might be leveling up at this photography thing!

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