Should auld acquaintance be forgot….

Scots everywhere celebrate today the birthday of Robert Burns, the great national poet of Scotland, who gave us the lyrics of “Auld Lang Syne” and others. Perhaps next year I shall attend a Burns supper, and yes, I would try Haggis: although this dish would surely test my heretofore unquestioning love of sausage, I’ll try anything once. No, I’m not Scottish. I’m not Chinese, either, but that doesn’t stop me!

(For the purposes of this post, I have tried valiantly to find a nice, large picture of a cooked Haggis, but I have come up dry — every picture of one that I can find is either a distant shot, or thumbnail sized! This is the same Net where I can find pictures of beheadings, surgeries-in-progress, and Nick Nolte’s mugshot. How can those pictures be less disturbing than a boiled sheep’s stomach that has been stuffed with meat, oats and spices?)

UPDATE: Aaron comes through, finding a pretty nice picture of a Haggis after it’s been ritually cut. It doesn’t look that nasty, really.

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