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Since the remarkable Calvin and Hobbes ended, the only daily comic strip that has been able to make me laugh on a consistent basis is the wicked Dilbert. (Interestingly, my parents don’t like Dilbert at all, which I attribute to the fact that they are teachers — neither has been anywhere near corporate America for more than twenty years. Not that education isn’t riddled with its own share of weirdos, idiots and incompetents; but the two are really different animals.)

Well, Dilbert is still going strong, but now — at long last — there is another strip that makes me laugh almost every time I read it. It is Aaron MacGruder’s Boondocks. The strip from last Sunday may be the funniest thing I have ever seen in a comic strip. This particular installment is subtle, witty, and also a wonderful tribute to a past master of this oft-ignored art form. Check it out.

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