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A very quick micro-rant about a new pet peeve: I’ve noticed, only in the last month or two, that e-journalists (I don’t like the word “blog” or any of its suffix-derivatives) have a new modus operandi when they have a series of links they wish to share on a given topic. They will write a sentence where each word is a different hyperlink. (An example of this can be found here.) I’m not entirely sure why this bugs me, but I really have trouble seeing the word “to” as a viable word to be linked, by itself, to someplace else. I suppose this is cleaner than employing something like this: (see related links here, here, here and here), where each “here” is a link. I don’t know, but it still strikes me as cumbersome. (Or maybe it’s simply the amount of linking in a single post that bothers me, combined with the effect of it all being jammed together like that in one sentence.)

Ah, well….

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