Some links!

Need some Sunday linkage to go with your coffee? Sure you do!

:: Cane and I go on nature walks every Sunday. This guy goes on NATURE WALKS with his dog. Holy shit, that is one gorgeous dog. I kinda want one of those now.

:: Here’s something I didn’t realize: Since the late 90s, Joe Pesci has pretty much stopped appearing in things. According to IMDb, he’s been in three things since 1998. I guess I just assumed that he was still out there working as much as ever, and I just wasn’t seeing the things he was in, figuring he was showing up in ultra-violent grimdarky Martin Scorsese movies. Turns out he pretty much dropped out of sight: The Mysterious Disappearing Act of Joe Pesci.

:: I remember hearing about this when I was a kid: an artist-dude made a golden rabbit and hid it somewhere in England, and then he released a picture storybook filled with clues as to the golden hare’s location. There’s always something wonderful about a good story about a hunt for hidden treasure and the pitfalls that accompany any such hunt, like discerning clues that aren’t there amidst the ones that are (or having a Staff of Ra that’s too long).

Stay safe, Star Warriors!

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  1. Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness says:

    Everyone know you always take BACK one Kadam to honor the Hebrew God for which this ark was built.

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