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:: The tale of an awful pizza customer. Oddly, I remember a guy who was just like this! He’d stand at the counter and offer his constant input as to how his pizza should be made, and then, when leaving the place, he’d tilt the box on its side. Every friggin’ time he came in. Unbelievable.

:: Archaeologists have unearthed evidence of an enormous battle that took place in the Bronze Age in northern Europe. Since it predates written history, we have no idea who fought whom and why. How much history is there that we know nothing at all about?

:: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese has changed…and nobody knew about it. Interesting stuff. (Yes, I do still like this stuff.)

:: Jason ruminates on William Shatner.

:: Finally, John Scalzi on the use of personal pronouns — i.e., referring to people by the gender they wish.

When someone asks you to refer to them by a particular set of pronouns and you’re reluctant to comply, are you being disrespectful? Yup! Self-identity is important, and refusing to accept someone else’s identity for your own reasons will be taken to mean that you dislike or disagree with their choices about who they are. And this is your right, but it means you’re saying that your choices in this regard are more important than the choices of the person who has to live with their own identity every single moment of their lives.

Read the whole thing. We need to be making the world better.

Later, folks!

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    But it IS hard. A member of my church congregation (a lesbian, for the record) referred to a transgender (male to female – and boy am I not up on THAT language) as "he". I happened to overhear it, but it wasn't my conversation. But when she (transgender) corrected her to say "she", which the lesbian would be inclined to do, the woman (lesbian) initially denied it, until I confirmed it.

    Now THAT was a paragrapgh.

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