Something for Thursday

I suppose I’m one of a fairly small number of people in that my favorite Ridley Scott movie, by a wide margin, is Kingdom of Heaven, which I consider to be one of the finest epics I’ve seen. (But in its Director’s Cut. This is one of the rare cases that truly justifies the Director’s Cut; the theatrical cut is a travesty when you see what Scott really intended.) I love this movie and plan to re-watch it at some point this winter.

Here is the opening bit of the score by Harry Gregson-Williams. Gregson-Williams is a composer who, for me, is hit-or-miss, but when he hits, well…he hits.

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  1. teflonjedi says:

    I share your sentiments here…the director's cut was one of my favorites from the last 5 years (while I was in China).

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