Something for Thursday

Last night we watched an episode of The Repair Shop (wondering what that is? You wouldn’t if you subscribed to my newsletter!), and someone brought in a music box for repair. The box’s tune was a popular song for a movie called Lili, starring Leslie Caron. Composed by Bronislaw Kaper and with lyrics by Helen Deutsch, the song seems to be one of those tunes that you don’t hear all that often, and yet it’s been recorded by just about everybody.

Here’s Jimmy Durante’s version of “Hi Lili, Hi Lo.”


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  1. Roger says:

    I own the very CD pictured. It belonged to my FIL before he died in 2020 (not of COVID). I had no iodea he had a vast music collection, with a lot of jazz, because he only played it the garage to maintain domestic tranquility

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