Something for Thursday

A two-fer, because I couldn’t decide which of these to post. That’s when I remembered, “Hey, it’s MY blog, I can post two things if I want!” So, here are two things:

  1. The first track on the brand new album by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. It’s called “Fly”, and I like this song quite a bit! It sounds like something from a Cameron Crowe movie to me: gentle and acoustic, and quietly optimistic.
  2. “Luckenbach, Texas” by Waylon Jennings. Sheila O’Malley posted today about Jennings, who was a constant part of the soundtrack of my youth. I don’t think I ever knew until I started reading Sheila that Jennings had been touring with Buddy Holly and the others on that last, ill-fated trip; he had survivor’s guilt all the rest of his life after he and Holly exchanged quips on the Night the Music Died: Holly said “I hope the bus freezes your ass,” and Jennings fired back, “I hope your plane goes down.” Imagine…pure chance, really, and not meant…and yet. And yet. Jennings had that whole “Outlaw” thing going on, but what I remember is his rich baritone and his way of finding his way vocally to the emotional heart of a song.

Our songs:


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