Something for Thursday

Next up on our ongoing Song Challenge (details here) is a song that makes me sad. Well, I can’t really think of too many of those, but this song from the Broadway show Camelot is terribly, terribly sad. It comes near the end, when Lancelot and Guinevere, having pursued their love affair after trying not to, have only seen their entire worlds collapse into ruin and a war that will destroy Camelot and everything King Arthur tried to build. It’s an achingly beautiful song that seems hopeful at first, only to conclude that their love brought about disaster.

Here, for comparison, are two renditions. First Julie Andrews from the Original Cast recording:

And here are Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero from the soundtrack to the film version of the show:

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One Response to Something for Thursday

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    I suspect a lot of Bway shows have sad songs. Fiddler and Hamilton immediately come to mind.

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