Something for Thursday

It is Thursday, isn’t it? Once the Holidays start, I always find it takes until the first full week in January that doesn’t have a holiday in it before I start to know what day it is again with any real sense of confidence. So I’m taking it on faith that it is Thursday today, and that I can get back to the song challenge I started a while back as a series of prompts for this feature. This week we’re up to Day Five (we took a breather in December for the Daily Dose), where we’re tasked with finding a song that needs to be played LOUD.

Here’s one of my favorites. I love blasting this, especially when I’m in the car. Ever since this album came out in 1994, I thought that there was quite frankly something special about its live setting, and I know that I’m not alone. There’s a particular energy to the performances from this concert as recorded, and the album has been a favorite of mine for every bit of its twenty-five years in release. So here is Yanni and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, from the album Live at the Acropolis, with “Santorini”.

And if you have good speakers or headphones, you turn that shit up, man!

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    A Thursday post on a Thursday? You're gonna SPOIL me this year!

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