Something for Thursday

Think Pink!

Why this? Well, I noticed a couple of years ago that my wardrobe is heavily representative of dark colors. Not all black, mind you, although I did have my all-black phase in high school like everybody (and black is a fine color anyway). But I decided I wanted to start brightening things up, slowly but surely.

Which brings me to my goal for wardrobe improvement now:


Now, I’m not going to flood my clothes with pink, but I’m adding a few items here and there, starting with this dress shirt I found on eBay. (I rather like the banded-collar look, too.)

Think Pink! The pinkification of my wardrobe commences! I've been looking for a pink dress shirt and finally scored this banded collar one on eBay. Score! Pink is awesome! 😊 #pink #thinkpink #overalls #vintage #Lee #bluedenim #dungarees #denim #rawd

Hooray for pink!

(The song, by the way, is from the Fred Astaire/Audrey Hepburn film Funny Face, which I believe is the first thing in which I ever saw Ms. Hepburn. I’ve loved her ever since.)

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