Something for Thursday

It’s fall now, although here in Buffalo we’re enduring a couple more days of unseasonably warm weather: upper 70s when we really should be in the upper 60s. Oh well: it’s fall, darn it, and I’m gonna wear overalls anyway. It’s my vacation and I can do that.

As for music, well, for me the fall is when I feel the strongest sense of “awakening”, so I guess one could say that for me, fall is a bit spring-like. That being the case, here is Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring, but in the original orchestration for small ensemble. As wonderful as the more commonly-heard version for full orchestra may be, there’s something refreshing about hearing the clarity of Copland’s original writing.

BTW, this work and recording are also a fine object lesson in how beautiful an instrument the bassoon is.

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