Something for Thursday (Friday edition)

Yesterday was a pretty busy day in my world, as I was getting ready for a nice long weekend. Ahhhhhh!!!

It’s Independence Day Weekend, when we’re supposed to be celebrating America. In 2020 that’s…well, frankly, it’s a pretty tall order. The American brand is not having one of its best years, but it can at least be hoped that perhaps this year is something of an acceleration year as the country starts to again pivot toward the country it should be.
Anyway, here’s something purely American: Wynton Marsalis playing some jazz. It’s a piece called “Perdido”. Written by trombonist Juan Tizol, it’s a jazz standard that goes all the way back to Duke Ellington. I’m not always the best jazz listener, but the big band stuff from that era usually makes me happy, and Wynton Marsalis is, of course, a genius.
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