Something for Thursday (Friday Edition)

So yesterday I was asked (well, I was asked to do this before yesterday, but yesterday was the day) to work not at The Store but rather to fill in for a guy who was on vacation at another location of The Store. Fine…except that The Other Store is in Niagara Falls, NY, and Casa Jaquandor is about 35 miles south of NF, NY. So I had a 45-minute commute, and then an 8-hour shift, and then a return-home commute that took an hour and twenty minutes because of road construction on I-190 through downtown Buffalo. (Couldn’t I have taken I-290 around Buffalo? Sure…but it’s under construction! And so’s the Skyway out of downtown! Huzzah!) So by the time I got home, walked doggos, cooked dinner, showered, walked doggos again, all I wanted to do was drink rum and do some edits on The Savior Worlds.

So here’s today’s entry into our ongoing song prompt thing, A Song From The Year I Was Born. Ready for some way-back hits from 1971? Here we go!

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2 Responses to Something for Thursday (Friday Edition)

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    fine choices designed to make me feel old – i was 18 then

  2. Jason says:

    Sounds like my every day. Absolutely soul-crushing. Good musical choices, though.

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