Something for Thursday (Halloween edition!)

Yes, it’s Halloween today! Oooooooh! Anyway, I wrote an article for The Geekiverse the other day summing up a selection of eerie, scary, and spooky classical and film music selections, some of which have previously run on this blog; go check it out for some good stuff!

But we also need something here, so–if I’ve done this correctly–we should have embedded below a playlist of the album The Truth and the Light, which takes Mark Snow’s wonderfully ethereal and haunting music from the first few seasons of The X-Files and combines it with sound effects and snippets of dialog to make a pretty compelling soundscape. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

UPDATE: The list I embedded wasn’t satisfactory (the album tracks are supposed to lead into one another, and whoever put the tracks on YT included long pauses), so I’ve embedded a different version that may or may not play the next track automatically. Sigh….

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