Something for Thursday (Wakanda Forever edition)

 It’s strange about comets. Except for a few notable exceptions, the vast majority of comets come quickly, brighten our sky, and then disappear forever (or for so long it’s functionally forever). For the brief time they are in the sky, they are a wonder…and then they are gone, leaving us with only the memory of this wonderful thing that blazed amongst the stars for a short time.

That is how I keep thinking of Chadwick Boseman, a man of incandescent talent who blazed across movies and teevee for a few years…and now is gone.

Here is the End Credits suite from Black Panther, written by Swedish composer Ludwig Goransson.

Farewell, Mr. Boseman. You won’t be forgotten. How could you be? You shone too bright in the sky to be forgotten.

(image credit)

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