Something for Thursday

EDIT: So I’m sitting up last night and I suddenly realize it’s Thursday and I hadn’t posted anything. What I had forgotten is that I had previously written and scheduled a Thursday thing last week, which is something I do infrequently enough that I completely forgot that I had done it.

I promise I am not losing my mind.

(But if I am, I can declare my bid for the United States Senate!)

Yipes! It’s Thursday! Folks, I’ve spent a big chunk of this week all screwed up as to what day it is. That happens sometimes, huh? I hope it does…anyway, here’s a great song from one of my favorite acts, Blackmore’s Night. Fronted by Ritchie Blackmore (of Deep Purple fame) and singer Candice Night, Blackmore’s Night is a quite wonderful folk-rock group that plays the kind of music you’d want to hear on a warm summer night after a day of hanging around your local Renaissance Festival. This song is “Under a Violet Moon”.

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    ANOTHER Something?! Well, all right then!

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