Something for Thursday

 There’s something to be said for rock dance anthems that have great tunes, a fantastic beat, amazing rhythm…and, well, if the lyrics make sense I guess that’s a bonus, but let’s be honest: when you’re looking for something to play loud on the drive home from work on a Friday, something really good and loud and thumping, you don’t really need lyrics that make sense, do you?

Enter The Killers and their huge 2008 hit, “Human”.

“Are we human?
or are we dancer?
My sign is vital,
my hands are warm
And I’m on my knees
looking for the answer.
Are we human,
or are we dancer?”

See? That makes no sense.

And when I listen to the song, I don’t care a single bit, which I think is rather the point. Singer Brandon Flowers is quoted as saying, in response to people not understanding the “Are we human, or are we dancer” thing (not “are we dancers“, note):

“It’s supposed to be a dance song, it goes with the chorus,” he says. “If you can’t put that together, you’re an idiot. I just don’t get why there’s a confusion about it.”

But really, who cares? From a live performance at London’s Albert Hall, here are The Killers with “Human”.

That would have been a fun show to see, I think….

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