Something for Thursday

Here’s something I don’t think I’ve done yet in the course of doing these posts: I’m using a piece of music of whose existence I was completely unaware just twenty minutes ago. But I heard this on the drive in to work today, and I thought, “Ayup, I’m using that for today’s post.” It’s a piece of film music from a movie that I’ve never heard of, by a composer with whom I am totally unfamiliar. It’s not a complex piece, by any means, but sometimes you just want a nice, lush melody that sings from the heart. With Joshua Bell on the solo violin, here is a selection from Ladies in Lavender, composed by Nigel Hess.

(Since I’ve stopped listening to sports talk radio in favor of returning to WNED, I’ve noticed that film music takes up a lot more of their programming. I find this interesting.)

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