Something for Thursday

 Sorry to be so late with this! Crazy week here at Casa Jaquandor (nothing bad, just busy). Anyway, here’s something cool: the “official video” for Elton John’s classic song “Tiny Dancer”. The song dates from the 1970s, well before the notion of music videos, so this is a newer development: a short film that tracks several people through their daily lives in Los Angeles.

One of my favorite uses of “Tiny Dancer” comes in the Cameron Crowe film Almost Famous, in which an underage teenage kid is using journalist credentials to tour with a rock band called Stillwater. The band isn’t good enough to be an A-list band, but they aren’t good enough to just peter out, either. This scene comes around halfway through, depicting the point where the initial excitement of being on tour has worn off and all that’s left for now is the grind.

Here’s that scene:

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