P070913PS-0097, originally uploaded by The White House.

I’ve written in the past about my love of the White House’s Official Flickr Stream, and I’m overdue to share some stuff from there…but this particular photo cracked me up, because there are all these people in this conference room setting, clustered around tables with the President, and only the President gets a water bottle.

Wassat? One of you is thirsty? Well, that’s just too damned bad. You just sit there and watch the President take a nice, cold sip from Hydration Force One!

Heck, a couple of the people in this photo actually seem to be staring longingly at the President’s water bottle! That dude on the left, the one who looks vaguely like James Doohan in Star Trek VI — I think he’s really thinking, “Shit, why did I eat those salted peanuts before I came in here….”

UPDATE: OK, looking at this some more, it’s even funnier. The three people immediately to the President’s left are amazing. The two guys are staring off blankly into space, but neither is staring at the same thing. And the lady in magenta looks like she’s sneaking a text message in under the table!

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